The first blockchain based 3D AR game with upgradable NFT by SafeHamsters
Are you ready to play and earn worldwide around you?
Hamsters World - a new blockchain game universe in augmented reality with its own unique characters, rules and legend.
Unique features
Hamsters Combat - the logical core and rules of the game, which makes the game fun and a variety of gameplay.
Hamsters Trident - game mechanics to make it easy and fun to carry out battles inside the application.

Battle Hamsters - cute, fearsome and funny crypto hamsters.
The Main Characters
Build arena for him and teach him fighting techniques
Create your hamster, equip him for armor and weapons
Win battles against other hamsters and earn tokens
And with NFT-tokens you can get something special!
Unique fighting hamsters with unique armor and skills - one of a kind
Limited-edition collectible playable characters available to a select few players!
Rare in-game items that will help you show your skills and express your personality!
  • To participate in fights, battles and quests, you need game tokens - Seeds.
  • Winning every battle, completing every quest gives you the opportunity to get a prize fund and become richer!
  • You can spend game tokens to purchase new playable characters, equip them and equip your arena for fights.
  • Each playable character or item is an NFT token that you have the ability to buy or sell on the in-game marketplace
  • The value of your NFT tokens will grow as they are limited editions, give in-game bonuses and become coveted collectibles
  • The cooler your combat hamster, the better his weapons, the more cunning and unusual the traps on your arena - the more spectacular your fights and victories!
Game and NFT tokens
Massively multiplayer mobile action/adventures games
Spectacular battles and adventures in Augmented Reality
Rare, collectible and unique characters for NFT-Tokens
Huge open world and quests in augmented reality
Game tokens for winning battles and completing quests
  • Registration - is an interface for registration by linking an account to a smartphone number and SMS confirmation to it.
  • Hamster Cage - a collection of hamsters and their equipment from the player - with the ability to update and replace them
  • Hamster Arena - a place for holding fights with a player, if he was challenged by another player.
  • Hamster Market - marketplace for the purchase of new playable characters, their equipment and improvements for the arena.
  • Hamster Challenge interface - interface for organizing fights and tournaments between players.
  • Battle interface - interface for conducting fights between players, according to the logic of the Hamsters Combat Trine.
  • Hamster rating - a rating of all registered players' characters, reflecting the number of their victories, the tokens they have won and the value of their in-game NFTs.
Main Interface
SEED token and application in the game

1. Shopping:

  • Purchase of playable characters (unique, rare, collectible)
  • Getting equipment (armor, helmets, weapons)
  • Purchase of objects for the arena (covering, traps, decorations, places).

2. Subscription
  • Access to game events and quests, unique characters and equipment, extended game possibilities.

3. Advertising
  • Viewing ads for rewards (resources, in-game items, combat omissions).

4. Commission
  • Platform commission (5-20%) from the battle contributions of players in the crypt, from which prize funds are being formed for winners of fights, tournaments and quests.

5. Staking
  • Hold on the balance of a certain amount of crypt - for the opportunity gaining access to additional functionality - opportunities creating your own game events and challenges among players

July-September 2021

Development and release of an MVP game application:

  • first playable characters and interfaces;
  • basic combat mechanics and fights between players;
  • overall rating of the gaming community.

October-December 2021

Alfa version of the game application:

  • integration with the blockchain platform and the use of game tokens;
  • launch of a gaming marketplace for the sale of game characters and items;
  • expansion of game characters, items, locations available for purchase.

January-December 2022

Beta version of the game application:
  • implementation of the ability to create battle quests in real locations;
  • development and launch of a system of clans and tournaments;
  • implementation of team battles and group participation in adventures and quests.

Release version of the game application:
development of versions of the application to work on game consoles and VR devices;
development of the game universe and its components, expansion of game mechanics, release of updates and DLC.
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